About Me

Hi šŸ‘‹,

I'm Hayley, mother to 2 beautiful boys.

I created these journals because from the time my kids were born I wanted to capture them exactly as they are.

Not the milestones.

Not JUST the happy snaps on my phone that can only tell you so much..

I wanted to remember the things I loved about them. TheĀ stories that made me smile and laugh, and thankful to have them in my life.Ā 

Now that my son is 6 I already look back on these stories with a huge smile and say "Oh My Gosh I forgot about that!". I can't wait to read them with him in 20 years time.Ā 

These journals are for parents like me that want to remember the everyday littleĀ moments that really mean the world.

I hope you enjoy them. I know your little one will thank you one day for writing down all those precious memories.Ā